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  Our English teacher is a middle-aged woman. She has taught English for more than twenty years. She works very hard and has been a model teacher fo&#;r many years.
  She is kind to us. but she is &#;rather strict with us. She always encourages us to speak and read more English. She often tells us that “practice makes perfect.”
  She is very good at teaching and tries hard to make every lesson lively and interesting. She often gives us slide shows, teaches us English songs and helps us to put on short English plays.
  She loves us and is always ready to help us. In fact, she is not only our good teacher b&#;ut also our good friend. We all respect and love her.

  While my fathe&#;r was an officer of the British army in South Africa, we lived in a ___1___ house. One ___2___ my father and sister and I were sitting together. He was ___3___ the window. I suddenly ___4___ that he was turning very pale. I sat ___5___, for I didn’t want to ___6___ my sick sister. Soon father said in a ___7___ voice, “Kate and Joan, a friend of mine ___8___ here to see me this evening, and I wish to be ___9 ___ him. Will you go up to your own room?” We ___10___, went to our room and closed the door.
  Soon I heard a ___11___ like that of a door burst in, and then a climb of feet. They were hurrying ___12___ the narrow stairs. Fearing that there was ___13___ near, I seized t&#;he pisto on the table. Then I heard my father cry out, “For God’s sake, child, ___14___ the door.” I did so. To my horror, I saw, ___15___ my father’s shoulder; a gorilla, the worst enemy of the soldier in ___16___, he was ___17 ___ my father. I raised the pistol and fired. The animal fell backwards with ___18___ loud cry. Father took the ___19___ smoking pistol from my hand, and fired another shot, which ___20___ the gorilla.
  It happen&#;ed that father ___21___ us upstairs because he thought he would be able to___22___the door-which was twenty feet away ___23___ the animal reached it. However, the gorilla was too ___24___ for him; and this was the cause of the ___25___ flight up the stairs.
  1. A. two-storeyedB. two storeyedC. two-storeysD. two storeys
  2. A. o’clock B. night C. evening D. time
  3. A. towardsB. opposite C. inside D. behind
  4. A. knew B. learned C. felt D. noticed
  5. A. still B. lonelyC. sadly D. unhappily
  6. A. hurtB. frighten C. loseD. trouble
  7. A. loudB. sadC. calmD. pleasant
  8. A. was B. comes C. would be D. is coming
  9. A. friendly toB. alone with C. helpful to D. careful with
  10. A. promised B. trembled C. obeyedD. replied
  11 A. sound B. cryC. voice D. shout
  12. A. to B. downC. through D. up
  13. A. some difficulty B. a thief
  C. some danger D. an accident
  14. A. open B. close C. pull D. draw
  15. A. on B. above C. over D. from东京食种第3季.&ldq&#;uo&#;;呦,美女,不能再低了!”店老板为&#;难地说。

  Last Sunday I saw the worst storm in years. It came
  sudden and went on for over three hours. Afte&#;r lunch, I 1. _____
  went into my room to have a rest. The air was hotter, and 2. _____
  all is quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow into my 3. _____
  room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air 4. _____
  and some flew out the open window. As I ran out to catch 5. _____
  them, big drop of rain began to fall. When I came back 6. _____
  into house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried 7. _____
  very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loudly 8. _____
  crashing[碰撞的]sound from the back of the house. When I ran 9. _____
  out to find &#;that a big tree had fallen down and broke the10. _____
  top of the back room.
  I have been planning to join in our college basketball team1. ______
  next year, so now I am spending as more time as I can2. ______
  with other people who likes to play. They are teaching3. ______
  me the most important rules and technologies of the game,4. ______
  and I am getting the better all the time. We have a5. ______
  neighborhood team that play against other teams in the area.6. ______
  One of my neighbors is helping rest of us7. ______
  improved our skills. Tonight we are playing against8. ______
  one of the best teams in the city, and I think we can9. ______
  beat them if we won’t make any mistakes. 10. _____
  Fang Tong is 34 years old, an actor, director and teacher of
  Beijing Opera Theatre. Most of his students are from other part of 1. ______
  China and have come to Beijing at a very young age of sixteen 2. ______
  or seventeen. He hopes create an environment for his students3. ______
  that it is much more relaxing than the one he used to 4. ______
  study in. He thought that an actor should relax himself when 5. ______
  performing. Yet his students deep respect him and he 6. ______
  never needs to raise his voice in order to be hearing. &#;7. ______
  For his opinion, actors should go on even when they 8. ______
  feel they have made a mistake in their performances 9. ______东京食种第3季.
  account for 解释,说明;是……的原因;弄清……的下落;占(一定数量或比例)
  How can you account for the accident? 你如何解释这个事故?
  I want you to account for every cent you spent. 我要你说明你所花的每一分钱的用途。
  One small child was still not accounted for. 还有一个小孩下落不明。
  act for 代理
  Please act for me during my absence. 我不在时请代理我处理事务。
  I acted for our captain while he was in hospital. 我们队长住院时由我代理他。
  allow for 考虑到,把……考虑进来;体谅
  We shoul&#;d allow for every possible delay. 我们应该考虑到任何可能的延误。
  W&#;e must allow for his youth. 我们必须体谅他的年轻。
  answer for 对……负责,对……承担责任;保证;代表
  I will answer for it (him). 我愿对它(他)负责。
  I agree but I can’t answer for my friends. 我同意,但我不能代表我的朋友也同意。
  【注】该短语通常用于将来时态或含有情态动词的句子,其后可接名词或代词,一般不接 that 从句,若要接that从句,则应先接形式宾语 it。如:
  I can’t answer for his honesty.=I can’t answer for it that he is honest. 我不能保证他是诚实的。
  apologize for 为……而道歉
  He apologized for not being able to meet her. 他因为未能去接她而向她道歉。
  I must apologize for the delay in replying to your letter. 未能及时给你回信,我得向你道歉。
  apply for申请(请求)得到
  He applied for a job as an English teacher. 他申请得到一份当英语教师的工作。
  They applied to the government for financial help. 他们向政府申请经济援助。
  blame… for 埋怨,责怪
  Movies have been blamed for the crime wave. 电影已被指责要对犯罪率上升负责&#;。
  The conductor is blamed for the accident. 售票员因那次事故而受到指责。
  call for 大声呼叫;去接(某人)
  The baby is calling for his mother. 婴孩叫着要母亲。
  I’ll call for you at six o’clock. 6点时我将去接你。
  care for 关心;想要
  He always cares for my health. 他一直关心我的健康。
  Would you care for some tea? 想喝点茶吗?


  (1) besides与except
  (2)except与except for
  All the essays are well written except Nelson"s.
  Nelson的文章(除去的)和All the essays(非除去的)是同类事物,所以用except。
  b.除去的和非除去的不是同类事物,用except for,并且从语气上通常表示遗憾。
  His essay is well writt&#;en except for a few spelling mistakes.
  a few spelling mistakes(除去的)和His essay(非除去的)是不同类的事物。
  (3)apart from 具有多重意义:既可表示besides,也可以表示exept或exept for,还可以表示without的意思。
  Apart from the problem of money, it will take a lot of time.(=besides)
  The orphan had no one to take care of him apart from his uncle.(=except)
  He has done good work, apart from a few slight faults.(=except for)
  There can be no knowledge apart from practice.(=without)
  (4)excepting =except,但一般用于句首或用于not、without、always等词之后
  Excepting his brother, they are all right.
  Everyone, not excepting myself, must share the blame.
  All of us, without excepting those who know more about the subject, should study.
  All my brothers come here every day, always excepting the youngest.
  The children go to school everyday but Sunday. 除了星期天,孩子们每天都要去上学。
  They are all gone but me. 除我之外,他们都去了。  You can get the book anywhere but here. 除了这里,你可以在任何地方得到这本书。
  There is no one but me. 这里除我之外没有别人。
  Who but George would do such a thing? 除了乔治,谁会做这种事?东京食种第3季.“你东西好,我下次还会&#;&#;光临的。我浙江的,你包个邮呗&#;。”妈妈继续叨叨。

  Nowadays, many college students show great enthusiasm in p&#;articipating into campus political activities, such as running for heads of the Students Union or the associations. Campus politics is an important part of colleg&#;e life.
  College students can benefit a lot from participation in campus politics. Above all, by attending campus political activities, students can develop their practical capabilities, especially management and coordination capacity. Moreover, these activities provide students a stage to show themselves and bring their abilities into full play. Besides, campus political activities help strengthen students’ sense of responsibility.
  However, campus politics might bring some problems. Too much participation in campus politics might influence study. Besides, some students’being keen on campus politics is for fame and gain, which will influence their health of mentality. Therefore, schools and teachers should give necessary instruction to students o&#;n their participation into campus politics.东京食种第3季.
   He likes singing English songs. (划线部分作likes的宾语)
   She smiled and went away. (划线部分为与smiled并列的谓语动词) <&#;br>   2、非谓语动词的意义
   They walked slowly and talked about their past.
   =They walked slowly, talking about their past.
   If he had been given more time, he could have finished the work ahead of time.
   =Given more time, he could have finished the work ahead of time
   They wonder how they can overcome the present difficulties.
  =They wonder how to overcome the present difficulties.
   另外两种非谓语动词(动词不定式和v-ing)的形式要多一些,总体上来说,它们的一般主动式就是它们本身的形式(to do sth,和doing sth)。一般被动式就是将它们本身的形式和被动语态的结构结合起来就形成了to be done和being done。它们的完成主动式(to have done sth,和having done sth,)和完成被动式(to have been done和having been done)就结合谓语动词的完成时态和被动语态来掌握。动词不定式还有进行式(to be doing sth)就结合谓语动词的进行时态来学习。至于所有非谓语动词的否定形式基本上都是在它们前面加not就是了。for/of sb,+to do sth是动词不定式的带有逻辑主语的复合结构。v-ing和过去分词复合结构就是在它们前面直接加上名词、人称代词(v-ing做主语、宾语、状语和过去分词做状语时)或形容词性物主代词、名词所有格(v-ing做主语、宾语时)为其逻辑主语,结合词性能作什么成分去分析掌握。
   动词不定式的一般主动式(to do sth)和一般被动式(to be done)是发生在谓语动词之后,与其逻辑主语分别是主动和被动关系;进行式(to be doing sth)是与谓语动词基本上同时发生,与其逻辑主语是主动关系(此种形式没有被动式);完成主动式(to have done sth)和完成被动式(to have been done)是发生在谓语动词之前,与其逻辑主语分别是主动和被动关系。v-ing的一般主动式(doing sth)和一般被动式(being done)是与谓语动词同时或紧接着发生,与其逻辑主语分别是主动和被动关系;完成主动式(having done sth)和完成被动式(being done)是先于谓语动词发生,与其逻辑主语分别是主动和被动关系(v-ing的完成被动式不用作定语,此时用过去分词代替,因为他们的含义是一样的,所有以从简的原则来说用过去分词作定语比v-ing的完成被动式作定语要简单一些)。



东京食种第3季.:[关于意志的作文] 高考作文万能素材

   Stacy had recently moved from New York City to Stoneybrook, Connecticut. It was ___1___ for her to make new friends but she finally had three when she joined the Babysitters Club to ___2___ little children whose parents were busy. Claudia, Kristy, and Mary were in her class at school and also the other ___3___ of the club. The girls met at five o’clock on Fridays and waited for the ___4___ to ring. So far they had been busy, in spite of the ___5___ that they couldn’t stay out late and were under 13.
  ___6___, the girls’ world was invaded by a second group ___7___ themselves the Babysitters Agency. They were ___8___ and the group also included a fe&#;w bo&#;ys. The Babysitters Club tried to think of ways to ___9___ with the older group. They could clean and work for less money, however, they ___10___ it would be difficult to compete. The shock was even greater than they had ___11___ when most of their best customers started to call the new group. They ___12___ to get only a few jobs.
   To try a new ___13___ Kristy recruited a few older kids who told the club they didn’t want to ___14___ their money with the other group. The club ___15___ only too quickly that these older girls joined only as spies and didn’t ___16___ for their job assignments. Thus, more parents were ___17___ with the club.
   Finally, the girls realized that the ___18___ in the other group were not good babysitters. They watched television, talked on the phone, and invited boyfriends to the house ___19___ they were sitting. When the children of the families started to ___20___, and a near accident almost occurred, the club went to the parents to tell them what was happening.
  1. A. activeB. thoughtfulC. easyD. hard
  2. A. take care of B. run into C. go throughD. take advantage of
  3. A. childrenB. members C. circles D. players
  4. A. alarmB. traffic C. phoneD.neighbor
  5. A. fact B. degree C. questionD. demand
  6. A. ThereforeB. SuddenlyC. RergularlyD. Unwillingly
  7. A. attracting B. finding C. callingD. matching
  8. A. younger B. cleverer C. taller D. older
  9. A. competeB. fight C. do D. meet
  10. A. heard B. knew C. promised D. shot
  11. A. damaged B. caughtC. expected D. forced
  12. A. hoped B. likedC. refusedD. seemed
  13. A. chanceB. possibility C. power D. policy
  14. A. share B. give C. provideD. mark
  15. A. put downB. paid offC. found out D. come through
  16. A. check upB. end up C. look up D. show up
  17. A. satisfied B. unhappyC. curiousD. he&#;lpful
  18. A. kids B. adults C. systems D. situations
  19. A. that B. when C. whereD. how

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